Essential Items To Bring On Your Camping Trip

Camping is a great personal experience, and every outdoor enthusiast has their own way of going about it. However, for many adventurers, the equipment that is brought along for camping is quite similar. There are a half-dozen or so items that every camper will need to bring to their campsite for an enjoyable experience.

Essential Items To Bring On Your Camping Trip

Whether you are setting up camp at a public site or out in the wilderness, below are some essential items that you do not want to forget to bring along.

Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag or camping blanket will help keep you warm while you are sleeping out in nature, plus they will add a little cushion too. Some campers may prefer to bring along a sleeping pad or a tent for added comfort and protect, but avid campers may prefer to use an enclosed or bivvy-style sleeping bag, which helps you stay protected from snow, rain, and other natural elements. These sleeping bags are for more serious campers, and believe it or not, they can actually keep you warmer than a traditional tent in extreme conditions, and of course, they obviously help you free up packing space and eliminate the need of having to carry the weight of a tent.

Water Bottle

Whether you are heading to a recreational campsite or setting up in the middle of the woods, there likely won’t be drinkable water readily available. That's why it is important to bring your own water bottle. Opt for stainless steel, double-wall insulated water bottles to ensure your water stays colder longer.

Multi or Utility Tool

A quality multi-tool is one of the most important items to bring along on your camping journey. They are like the Swiss army knives of modern outdoor adventurists. Multi-tools give you a way to carry several different tools in one convenient and compact piece. Even the simplest types of multi-tools will have essentials such as a knife blade, scissors, pliers, and screwdrivers, while more sophisticated ones have just about every tool you could ever need.

Tactical Headlamp

Tactical headlamps are, arguably, one of the most essential camping items to bring along. Whether you are doing simple tasks around the campsite or searching for firewood at night, a tactical headlamp provides you with powerful, hands-free lighting. Tactical headlamps are durable, lightweight, and can last for hundreds, sometimes thousands, of hours on one charge. Need a tactical headlamp for your camping adventure? Check out the HX-1 Tactical Headlamp from Centaur Ridge!

Survival Kit

It's better to be safe than sorry, which is why a small survival kit should be one of the items that always make it into your packed bag. You can create your own custom survival kit, adding essential items like matches, rope, a survival knife, an emergency shelter, first aid supplies, and more, or you can purchase commercially assembled survival kits in outdoor or sporting good stores.

Garbage Bags

Whether you are camping alone or with others, garbage bags have become imperative to camping execution. Of course, they can be used to dispose of any waste created during camping, but they are incredibly versatile too! To save on packing room, pack your clothes in a trash bag before packing them away. This will not only provide extra protection from the natural elements, but they also can come in handy if you become separated from your campsite or lost in the wilderness, a garbage bag can also serve as a makeshift shelter or raincoat, if the weather begins to turn south.

Extra Food

Of course, you don’t want to forget food on your trip. In addition to any meals you may cook on a camping stove or over a fire, you should pack some extra food and snacks. These items should be high energy, easily digestible, non-crushable, and store well for long periods. For example, beef jerky, dried fruits, granola, and nuts are all energizing and nutritious snacks to have during your outdoor adventure.


With our smartphones, navigation is at the palm of our hands. However, when camping, especially in the wilderness, there’s no guarantee that you will have reception, therefore making your phone essentially useless when it comes to finding your way around. For this reason, it is important to ensure you have maps, compasses, and any other navigation tools that may come in handy packed in your camping bag.

Sun Protection

We don’t want to sound like your mother, but sunscreen is important, especially for a camping trip. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can damage your skin in any weather, including a bright summer day, a heavy snowfall, or through a thick fog bank. For the best protection, cover up with a hat, sunglasses, clothing, and sunscreens.

These are just a handful of the essential items you should bring along on your camping trip. Whether you are going to a local campsite or venturing out into the wild, these items will certainly come in handy.

Most of these items are fairly simple to find. However, when it comes to getting a tactical headlamp for your camping trip, you shouldn’t just get the first one you see. The HX-1 Tactical Headlamp from Centaur Ridge is not only affordable, but it also has a wide range of features and settings that make it one of the best headlamps available on the market. Whether you are doing general tasks around your campsite or following a trail at night, the HX-1 will provide you with the ample amount of lighting you need. To learn more, visit Centaur Ridge today!